Make a splash with experienced B2B marketing and PR

B2B Marketing & PR - make a splash!
B2B Marketing & PR - make a splash!

JCS’ industry experience ranges from business, technology, HR, legal, to other services. Specialising in B2B (Business to Business) and professional services, JCS focuses on ensuring your business objectives match your marketing and PR efforts.

The starting point of any marketing and media activity is to identify your audience and your goals. JCS is relentless in understanding the industry. Goals can only be achieved with insightful, well thought out marketing and communications efforts, providing the right message, in the right format, to the right person.


Marketing to an enterprise or business, is a different kettle of fish than communicating to a consumer. The tools used and the techniques can be similar, but this is an informed audience. They have generally have set budgets and clear objectives in mind.

Whether this is a business challenge to overcome, efficiency to achieve, reduction in expenditure, or competitive edge, each business has a defined goal. Reaching your prospective audience through marketing and PR is the first step of the journey in reaching out.

Digital marketing and media activities empowers companies to market themselves through the channels that your audience is already using every day. As more and more things in this digital society becomes interconnected, how you market your business will become a greater reflection.


The technology sector is fast-paced. The interconnection of devices (Internet of Things / IoT) is expected to continue to have a massive impact on technology companies. In such an innovative sector, the need to ensure your marketing and PR efforts match the digitalised nature of the industry is crucial.

The sheer scale of information and the rate of change affects your content, which could quickly become out of date. Digital marketing and media relations allows technology companies to ensure their content is updated timely and their opinions are relevant.

JCS has extensive experience across software and hardware, as well as communications, telecommunications and other industries.


Conveying your professional services marketing and media message is a balance. Deconstruct the complex – information is key, but present confusing facts in an easy to read format, without losing the essentials. For marketing and media it is ensuring not too much, but not too little information is offered.

JCS has many years’ experience in copywriting complex business services. Creating marketing communications that delivers results.


  • Natasha (JCS) has provided CoralTree with strategic marketing services from website, campaign, and event management, to messaging and content creation. Since working with us, Natasha has increased our brand awareness from a company known only to our clients, to an up and coming player in the market recognised by clients, analysts and competitors alike. I would highly recommend Natasha for her insightful, creative and professional approach to marketing communications.

    Mark PriceBusiness Development Director, CoralTree
  • I've been working with Natasha for over 3 years now. We have delivered fantastic online presence for CoralTree Systems. She is an excellent copy writer with extreme knowledge in Search Engine Optimisation and great attention to detail. I would highly recommend Natasha to everyone who is seriously thinking of his business online presence. Thanks again for all your hard work Natasha and I look forward to work with you in future!

    DomCEO, Web Developer at Red Frog Studio

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