Event marketing – don’t fade into the background

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Invested in space at an event and then stood there watching other busy stands and wondered why? The answer is simple – preparation and design.

Stand space is generally fairly expensive, but companies forget that the floor space shouldn’t be the only cost. If you exhibit at an event, do it right. By not using event marketing to ensure stand space captures the audience’s attention and quickly portray what you do, you are not maximising the benefits of being there. You are instead creating the impression that you are a small, uninteresting company.

Designing the right impression
The way in which your company is presented on stand through words and images provides an immediate opinion about your business. It is no different in the B2B and technology sector, than when targeting consumers. People are drawn to a more attractive display.

However, less is more. Do not feel tempted to cover your stand walls with copy. People will not stand and read it all. The words are on the wall to capture attention, quickly convey what your business does and encourage them to want to know more. More sales will be generated by engaging the audience in a conversation. More information can be provided on brochures for the person to take away and remember you.

Design is crucial. The way in which you use design on your stand helps you to bring to life your product, solution or service. It is inviting and captures attention in what is probably a very busy and colour hall. Using impactful pictures can be extremely powerful.

Prior preparation
Event marketing is all about preparation. Invite people to meet you at the event and alert customers and partners to your presence. Marketing and media relations can also raise awareness of your presence ahead of the event.

Do something interesting on your stand. A prize for a top scorer on a game, or a business card draw, ensures that you capture contact details and it is an inviting draw to your stand.

Taking steps to ensure you are fully prepared prior to an event, will result in a much higher ROI. More traffic will come to your stand, which will generate more of those important conversations, hopefully leading to increased sales.

Maximise event investment
Investing in stand space alone can be a waste of time and money. Ensure that you maximise the return on your investment with event planning, design and preparation. Create the right impression to build sales and don’t fade into the busy event background.

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