SEO: Taking Advantage of the Online Boom

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Online business is buoyant, as we have seen many sectors converting all operations to internet-based services. Products or services that assist remote working or home working are experiencing demand like never before, even in traditional markets.

For B2B companies, technology has become a lifeline to keep businesses open and pushing sales opportunities forward. In particular technology sectors, demand has dramatically increased. Taking advantage of the current market is critical to ensure long-term customer retention and to keep growing business.

Marketing online

Now is an important time to maximise the possibilities of online marketing. A great deal of noise is made about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from companies promising to update keywords and settings on your website, yet it is important to understand that SEO is much more than just inputting keywords into content and monitoring performance.

To make a difference to your SEO ranking, you must understand:

  1. Your content is your pot of gold, when it comes to SEO. It is not about sticking in some keywords and hoping for the best. The best task you can do is to evaluate the content on your site against what people are searching for. It is not just about individual words, but how best you answer the enquiries that are being made.
  2. Secondly, how well is your content written? Style of writing naturally changes from person to person, and company to company. How your site is technically written, the grammar used, and how the content is set out, all impacts your SEO scoring.
  3. New content – when was your site last updated? And do you regularly put up new content? The best ranked companies are those that frequently post good quality content that is relevant to the audience.

Building SEO

There are many ways to positively impact your SEO ranking from links, correctly setting up your tags, to search descriptions. All very important, yet successful companies are those that understand the importance of content.

This does not just benefit your SEO, which should always be just one part of the mix. The content can be used to boost your social media (which in turn supports your ranking), helps drive inbound marketing leads and is a great basis for communication with industry contacts or customers.

Covid-19 is pushing business online and now is the time to make the most of this unique environment. By investing in your SEO, you put your business in the optimum position to boost rankings and drive more interest and potential sales.

Business is still open. Many experienced marketing freelancers, like myself, are still operating and offer cost-effective support to B2B companies. Get in touch to find out more:

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