Use the jargon decoder!

 In B2B Marketing

As experts in the industry we serve, it is all too easy to approach potential customers with an over technical explanation. Jargon is rife. It is allows us to quickly communicate ideas and tasks, to get the job done. However, when communicating with customers or prospects to market ourselves, we must take a step back to un-jumble the code.

Whether your marketing goal is to build awareness or generate leads, you will achieve better results by focusing on business benefits. The majority of the time you will find that the person to which you are targeting the marketing at, does not have the technical or professional knowledge to decipher a jargon-filled message.

Straight talking
When creating your marketing copy, take a step back and think about what benefits your product, solution, or service can do for the business you are approaching. What can you do to help that business to achieve their business goals?

By putting yourselves in that company’s mind-set, you can start to create marketing content that appeals, is clear and concise.

Asking questions helps makes sense of what exactly you are trying to say – What does that stand for? What does it mean? How does that help? What’s different?

Make sure you take yourself out of the industry terminology to shape a better vision for your audience. Let’s keep marketing jargon-free!

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