Grabbing the headlines with effective media relations

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Ever wondered how some stories get great news coverage? Or why your equally compelling story does not get any print or digital pick up?

Critical content
Media relations starts with the content. These important words should contain all the crucial elements to build the picture. Just as important is what not to say. Stick to the interesting facts, be descriptive, but succinct. Provide perspective and context, but not a full history.

Presentation and the order of your words is just as important. Grab the readers interest in the headline and first line. Make them want to find out more.

Who’s the reader
Before anything is written, you should understand who will be reading your news. Ensure that the information you are giving is right for your reader and the publication (online or offline) that you are hoping to cover your news.

More will be achieved with a consider approach to media relations. Take the time to stratagise, get to know your audience, publications and create a tailored approach to your PR activities.

Experienced approach
At JCS we understand the media because we have worked alongside our journalist counterparts for decades. We can shape your news and deliver your message in a succinct, eye-catching way. Get in touch and let’s discuss how your news can capture the headlines.

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