B2B marketing – why must you consider the individual?

 In B2B Marketing

Demonstrating the business advantages, revenue opportunities, or efficiencies…are all common messages in marketing to businesses. But how often do you consider the receiver of that B2B marketing message? For many, probably not often enough. Is it important? Absolutely!

When it comes to B2B marketing you are marketing your products or services to an organisation or company, so why is it so important to understand the individual that you are targeting? Whatever the goal of your marketing activity, always remember there is still a person receiving that communication. People, sell to people. No matter what the product or service is, the principles remain the same.

People are the key
The decision makers who have the purchasing power are under increasing scrutiny to ensure they utilise their budgets in the best possible way. Often, having to justify any spend, certainly for more expensive items to senior management. These people carefully select who they do business with based on what that product or service works best for the company, but also on whether they feel they can do business with the people.

Targeted approach
The B2B purchasing decision has become more consumer-like in its approach. With more knowledge to be gained online and rise of social media in the business sector, all providing the opportunity for a more informed decision. B2B decisions are discussed amongst friends and industry colleagues too. These shared experiences reflect a very consumer-like trend to purchasing, which is seeping out into the B2B market.

Top tips for business targeting
When targeting an individual, remember that in many cases you do not know that person. Do not assume. Take the time to get to know your prospect or customer, so you can personalise the information. Understand the process in which your potential customer goes through before they make a decision. McKinsey provides more details on the journey of the business customer, showcasing how much of the decision is made before the company even responds or gets in touch.

The other error by business organisations is forgetting that you are people too. Use language that is clear and personable. If sending an email, send it from a person, not from a company.

Always remember, even in business: people sell to people!



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